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Behind the headlines: the lies in reality, the words that have been taken ‘out of context’ and the truth between the lines


What makes one big story hit the headlines and another then disappear from the public eye? Why do stars come out of the closet just when they release a new album? Who are the people interested in making the story reach you? How do you create interest where it doesn't exist? And what happens behind the keyboard or the camera?


The cultural Journalist of the "Maariv" website, Kaitz Brebner, a reporter and television producer, reveals the secrets of the media from within the system, the processes that take place behind the printed words, and the tools for understanding the hidden motives, the dramatic elements, and the power of editing to tell any story we want.


Having worked for the past 20 years in newspapers, websites, and a TV program (Maariv, Mako, NRG, Rosh1, Keshet 12), Brebner explains when and to what extent he allows himself to be "taken out of context", reveals how he exposed the fabricated exchange of Ofira Assig by Rotem Sela in “The Rising Star", and shows how a newspaper turned Hani Nahmias into a "woman that had been raped".


He uncovers the "shadow people" who influence the words you will read, the editorial decisions that crush artist’s careers or turn them into idols, and shows the way to the greatest revelations, confessions, and quotes. "Behind the headlines" is a shot in the foot for a journalist in the field of culture - because its goal is for you to question every word you read. You will no longer be able to open a newspaper or turn on the screen in the same way.

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