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Kaitz Brebner -  Documentary and film and television creator


Brebner is a graduate of the Department of Film and Television of Tel Aviv University. During his trip to Latin America in 2021, he filmed and edited several short documentaries about therapists, shamans, and spiritual guides who work on the continent; the documentary “Cactus, Love, Mountains: A Psychedelic Journey with Huachuma” that dives into a shamanic ceremony with the mind altering cactus “San Pedro”. As part of a personal and spiritual journey in Israel, Brebner created the series “Between Matter and Spirit”, where he connects the distant worlds of his life, his intense work as a journalist, and the world of spirit and personal development to expose the viewer to the most special and extreme treatments seen on the screen. Together with the comedian Hadar Stav, Brebner created the series "Viewed - The Real Stars on The Internet", which deals with the most provocative hosts on the Israeli network.


At "Maariv" and beyond, Brebner has produced video content exploring the vibrant landscape of Israeli culture. From film interviews to on-location reports, he's delved deep into the heart of the arts scene, sharing his insights with readers and viewers alike. During his studies, he created the short film "Juliet and Romeo", a modern cinematic adaptation of the greatest love story of all time, taking place between street teenagers in the squares and parks of Jerusalem, based on the characters and people who were the landscape of his youth. After majoring in cinema in high school, he created the documentary film "In My Intimate Room" about the musician Arnon Mor who, in addition to the difficulties of adolescence, faces being confined to a wheelchair while he watches his twin brother lead a life without limitations.

Cactus, Love, Mountains: A Psychedelic Journey with Huachuma

“Huachuma” - the cactus that taught me how to love. For thousands of years, the inhabitants of the Andes connected with their ancestors and the elements of nature using the psychedelic cactus "Huachuma" (or in its western name: "San Pedro"), which is considered a healing plant for the body and soul. Due to its masculine qualities, it was nicknamed "Grandfather" 


In a three-day journey through the "Sacred Valley" in Peru, Kaitz Brebner, a career-driven journalist from Israel, met: a 16-year-old girl who came with her parents to strengthen the bond in her family; a young Peruvian woman who was looking for male energy and grounded in life; and the shaman Gando, attuned to the knowledge of the cactus and its wonderful abilities in its traditional homeland. Amidst breathtaking landscapes and verdant peaks, each of the participants had the opportunity to truly discover themselves and transform their lives.

"Cactus, love, mountains" tries to convey the psychedelic experience with spectacular shots from the mountains, magical paintings inspired by visions of the cactus and the words of the participants to explain what they experienced.

The Real Matrix: Are we truly living in a simulation? (in production)

The Real Matrix Are we truly living in a simulation - wide.jpg

What if I told you that nothing you know about this world is real? Your home, your job, your pet, your partner, and even your body are simulations and holograms, just like in “The Matrix”: but not necessarily in a bad way. Would you laugh? Would you think I'm crazy? 


And what if I told you that the most cutting-edge neuroscientists, physicists, philosophers, spiritual masters, and even Elon Musk believe this is the case, and they have some solid evidence to back it up?


Let's dive into the most fascinating, radical, and earth-shaking theory of our time - the simulation theory.


Are we living in a hologram?


Prepare to have your mind blown - some compelling evidence is suggesting that we may actually be living in a simulated reality. It sounds like something out of a Hollywood blockbuster, but the truth may be even stranger than fiction. If you're ready to take the red pill and explore this mind-bending concept, this might be just what you're looking for.

Between Matter and Spirit 

Naked yoga, poisonous frogs, ice baths, reincarnations, and fasting beyond what science claims is possible. Kaitz Brebner embarks on an (almost) impossible journey in an attempt to combine "between matter and spirit" in a new documentary series, where he meets with alternative therapists and spiritual guides to experience some of the most profound, revealing, and extreme treatments seen on screen. 

Watched - The Real Stars on the Internet

Watched is a comic docuseries by Ilya (Kaitz) Brebner and Hadar Stav, following the provocative and controversial stars of the Israeli network all the way to YouTube.


In the premiere episode, we'll have the pleasure of meeting Eliad Malchi, better known as the speedo king of Israel. He's taken the YouTube world by storm with hits like "Sexy Time," "Mami Song," and "Bonbon Style," amassing tens of thousands of views along the way.


In episode two, we'll be joined by singer Sergey Khokhlov, whose music has captured the hearts of viewers with hits like "Love Disease" and "Derech Halon." With tens of thousands of views on YouTube, Khokhlov has become a true sensation.


Next up is the network superstar Jordana, hailed as the "Israeli Madonna" for her bold and provocative style. Her hit song "Ratza" and its accompanying music video "Model" have taken YouTube by storm, and we'll get an exclusive look behind the scenes in episode three.


In the fourth and final episode, we'll be hanging out with the talented Prof. Amir Hatzroni, a communication professor turned stand-up comedian. He's known for his provocative style and hosts his own show on the network. We'll be there for the launch of his latest show, "Smiles and Filth with Ocher Israel," and getting a backstage look at what goes into putting on a great performance.

Juliet and Romeo

Juliet and Romio.jpg

"Juliet and Romeo" is an urban youth drama combining video footage with advanced animation to create a rich and unique visual world, starring the actress and model Or Yaakov ("Only girls", "Sun In" campaign) and the actor Uri Har-Lev ("Galis", "The Most Beautiful Years"). The debut film of journalist Kaitz Brebner in Department of Film and Television at the Film Department of Tel Aviv University, depicts a tragic love story between Juliet, a Russian girl from a sheltered home, and a Jerusalem street teenager who takes her into his dark and dangerous world"

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