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Kaitz Brebner is the culture journalist of “Maariv” website and magazine, and he has over 20 years of experience in the field of  entertainment and television in media networks such as "Mako", "NRG", "City Mouse" (By Haaretz), "Rosh1", “Bona” (by Ynet). In his work Brebner has obsessively analyzed reality shows and television phenomena, interviewed Hollywood stars like Mariah Carey, Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth alongside Israeli artists and celebrities, and covered international music events such as the Eurovision in Tel Aviv and Liverpool and major television hits like "Wedding at First Sight" and “Big Brother”. His in-depth articles, like "The Boobs That Changed History", demonstrate his passion for unconventional cultural storytelling across a range of mediums. 


Brebner believes that trash culture is flooding our most repressed pleasures in the post-truth era.

1 mariah cary.jpg

Watch: Mariah Carey talks about her relationship with the Netanyahu family

The singer reveals what her dreams are, what she would burn ("Does it have to be something, or can it be someone?"), and talks about her dinner with the prime minister's family ("What, I cannot eat?").

2 Oshri cohen.jpg

Oshri Cohen tells why he gave up on reality and insists "drugs are important to my work"

At the height of his success, the actor decided to take a step back, refused to appear in big musicals, and moved away from gossip columns. Now, he returns in a solo show, revealing the wounds of military service, loneliness, and depression.

3 eurovision sing in hebrew.jpg

Eurovision delegations try to sing in Hebrew: "Hallelujah", "Golden Boy" and "Toy"

"Tel Aviv, La, La, La": Representatives from Europe revealed their experiences in Israel ("We came to shop, but everything is closed on Saturday"), the relationships between the delegations, and their attempts at singing Israeli songs.

4 ihi greener.jpg

Lihi Griner: "Netanyahu should not be granted immunity, but a veto bracelet"

In the new reality show "From Class to Trash", the celebrity and Naama Kasri make a declaration: "How long are we going to keep doing reality TV? It seems like the biggest actors are all turning to reality TV."

5 Cannel2 (1).jpg

The rules of reality TV, falling ratings, and declining revenues: a year to the split of Channel 2

The future of three-channel television in Israel is ominous. Does the solution lie in merging “Reshet” and Channel Ten, and how do the franchises fight the constraints of budgets? This is how the split of Channel 2 shook the Israeli media.

6 Britney Spears.jpg

Sex, glitter, and playback: Britney Spears gave a 'show' but forgot to sing

With an attractive look, great dancers, and a crazy performance, the star took the stage with “Work Bitch” - and worked it. So why would she need to sing? We already know how she sounds.

7 yoram yovel.jpg

Yoram Yuval: "Litzman says that the Messiah will save us from Covid. As a psychiatrist, I hospitalized people for less”

The famous professor hosts a new consultation show, fears that the health system is not in the right hands ("the minister does not even have a matriculation certificate"), guesses what his grandfather, Yeshayahu Leibowitz, would say today, and claims there is a deliberate policy to intimidate.

8 tom aviv.jpg

"I'm experiencing anxiety and considering psychedelic therapy": Tom Aviv reveals everything in a personal and exposed interview

The famous chef speaks about his TV relationship with Ofer Schechter, his famous exes (Gal Gvaram and Moran Atias), the assault case, and his daily struggle with anxiety attacks.

9 agam rudberg.jpg

"Tragedy": Agam Rodberg on her obsessive relationship and Anat Elimelech's clothes

The actress who participates with Roy Miller in the film "Anat Elimelech: The Most Beautiful Girl in Jerusalem" speaks about items she received from the model's family, the mental difficulty, and the exposure of the compulsive relationship she was in.

10 pamela andersom.jpg

21 boobs that shaped history

The most-watched female breasts in cinema, the boobs that helped us get through adolescence, the sexiest cartoon fantasy, the most famous nip-slip, and the unforgettable three-boobs. Out of all these famous boobs, we chose the 10 (or actually, 21) that caused real change. (Mako)

11 reality show.jpg

How does reality TV really affect us? 

Where do the refugees go when the reality is over? What's the connection between politics and Big Brother? How were election papers replaced with voting on TV?

The story discusses support groups for reality show participants, narcissistic phenomena, and the sweet illusion provided by reality shows about democracy in Israel. (Reshet 13)

12 woman for a day.jpg

The men's channel presents: being a woman for one day

For years, we've tried every trick in the book to understand women, but with little success. So, we decided to take a bold approach and sent Kaitz Brebner on a mission to become a woman for Purim. What could go wrong? After being hit on, laughed at, and stared at shamelessly, Brebner had one sure conclusion: just how on earth do women manage to walk in high heels? (Mako)

13 Noa filter.jpeg

Meet Maayan Robin, aka Noa Filter -  the young actress who just finished acting school - and became a YouTube star

Meet Maayan Rubin, the person behind Noa Filter, the young actress who has just finished acting school and has now become a YouTube star and an internet phenomenon. (Anashim, Keshet 12)

14 Dana international.jpg

Dana International attacks: "Those who play with fire will get burned"

With the coming out of the docu-reality “Viva la Diva,” (“Dana Kama” in Hebrew), which gives a glimpse into her personal life for the first time, Dana International tells why she decided to bring the cameras into her home ("Because of boredom after Covid, matriculation, the desire not give a f*&#") andn returning to the unforgettable scandals ("Maybe it happens because My desire to protect myself or my impatience with stupid people").

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