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From interviewing Mariah Carey and working as part of the Israel's largest Media networks as well as independent production on the internet, to filming a naked yoga workshop for his documentary series "Between matter and spirit" and shamanic rituals for his film “Cactus, Love, Mountains” - Kaitz Brebner is in essence, a "Storyteller", who uses all mediums to find and capture the most interesting, touching and mind-opening stories.

In his work in writing and editing, behind the camera and in front of it, Brebner tries to show an alternate perspective to every persona and event, to find the thing that really moves the people he interviews, and to give a different perspective on the world to his readers and to people who come to his talks.

During his 20 years in the major media networks of Israel, Berbner held various positions, including culture editor of the "Maariv" website, journalist at "Mako", "Frogi", "NRG", "City Mouse" (By Haaretz), "Rosh1", “Bona” (by Ynet) and more, in which he obsessively analyzed reality shows and has interviewed Hollywood celebrities including Mariah carey, Tori Spelling and Jenny Gareth, Israeli stars Oshri Cohen, Noa Kierl and Static.

Berbner researched major television phenomena such as "Married at First Sight" and “Big Brother”, presented regular segments on israeli "Channel Ten", “Knesset Channel”, 103FM Radio and more, covered the Eurovision events in Tel Aviv and Liverpool, revealed Rotem Sela's fabricated replacement by Ofira Asaig in "The Rising Star", and wrote in-depth articles such as "The 21 Boobs That Changed History".


Brebner, a graduate of the Department of Film and Television at Tel Aviv University, has created two documentary series: "Between Matter and Spirit" where he met with alternative therapists and spiritual guides, and subjected himself to a few of the deepest, most revealing and extreme treatments and workshops that have been seen on the screen, from treatment by poisonous frogs to nude-yoga and reincarnation recovery; and the comic docu-series "Viewed - The Real Stars on the internet" where he met the most provocative and controversial stars of the Israeli net.

Brebner created the Documentary film “Cactus, Love, Mountains: A Psychedelic Journey with Huachuma” accompanies a 3-day shamanic journey in the Anand mountains in Peru, with the psychedelic cactus "San Pedro" where people from different parts of the world went to connect with themselves, the film was screened at film festivals; He is currently working on the documentary film “The Real Matrix” that dives into the most fascinating, radical and earth-shattering theory, the "Simulation Hypothesis", which claims, quite literally, that we are living in a computer simulation.

On Israeli television he worked in content roles in the programs "Anashim" in Keshet, "Boker Ham" on “Reshet”, "Teamim Yerukim" on channel one, morning shows, culture programs, documentaries, and more.

During his years in the media networks in which he worked he served as photographer in the biggest cultural events in Israel, and had the privilege of photographing and meeting a host of unique artists and celebrities. He served as a professional food photographer as part of his work in the "Teamim" program and photographed various workshops and retreats in Israel, Latin America, Egypt and Europe.

As a videographer, Berbner filmed the series " Viewed - The Real Stars on the internet", as well as documentaries about shamans and therapists, and dozens of stories and video interviews for Maariv and other networks in which he worked. He works with the Panasonic GH5 camera that accompanies him in the most interesting moments of his life.


In the talk "Behind the headlines: the lies of reality TV, the words that were taken 'Out of Context' and the truth between the lines", Berbner reveals the secrets of the media from within the system, the processes that take place behind the printed words, and provides tools for understanding hidden motives and their dramatic components. Through this, he explores how journalists can tell almost any story they want, and answers fascinating questions such as: What makes one story make headlines and another disappear from sight? Why do stars come out of the closet - precisely when they put out a new album? Who are the people who work hard for a story to reach you? How do you create interest where it does not exist? And what happens behind the keyboard or the camera?

Brebner leads the writing workshop "Journey to the Subconscious and the Hidden Creative Powers" which combines therapeutic and creative writing, along with tools from the world of guided meditation, through which the participants dive into themselves with a notebook and pen, and discover what treasures they can pull from their subconscious.

During a journey that spanned a year in Latin America, Brebner participated in dozens of workshops, retreats and ceremonies, interviewed shamans and therapists for short films, and learned shamanism from local facilitators. He decided to combine the tools he acquired with his first love and occupation of 20 years: writing - and created a writing workshop for creative diving into the depths of consciousness.


On the small screen and on the radio, he presented segments on Israeli television and on Iris Kol's program on 103FM, while presenting a new and original angle on Israeli culture. He also presented the filming and editing prizes on the teens-choice awards in Israel. 

As a graduate of the "Reshet" TV presenters school, Brebner directed the docu-series he created "Between Matter and Spirit", during which he was physically and mentally exposed to extreme treatments from the world of spirit and alternative medicine, from ice water immersion to nearly 4 days of dry fasting. 

Brebner is a graduate of an acting course led by Yaron Mottola at Tel Aviv University, and an outstanding graduate of the front-of-camera acting course "Act Show" led by Nir Shaibi and Nati Ravitz. He has participated in a variety of productions in presenting and acting roles, including "We're on the Map" of the comedic troupe Ma Kashur, HOT's "Oboy" series, commercials, short films and viral videos, and has worked with Israeli still photographers in various fashion and art productions.

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